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Want to know more about Maple Syrup?


Vermont is the #1 producer of Maple Syrup in the US and produces 5.5% of the world's maple syrup.



100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup has only 40 calories per tablespoon, unlike corn syrup which has 60 calories per tablespoon.


Maple Syrup is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron, and is good for you! Vitamins B2, B5, B6, niacin, biotin, and folic acid are all present in our 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.


Maple Syrup even has trace amounts amino acids – the building blocks of protein!
Good for you....tastes good.....and delivered to your door from Green Mountain Maple.


Maple Syrup is the only food made from the sap of a tree.

Vermont Maple Syrup is a major source of natural antioxidants.



Brooke Shields, the TV and movie actress, includes 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup on her Christmas gift list every year. Brooke Shields told People Magazine she goes through "a lot of maple syrup in our house."

Brooke Shields.jpg


The sap runs up from the roots of the tree.

The sap of the Sugar Maple tree is about 3% sugar and the rest is water.



Thomas Jefferson transplanted Sugar Maples from Vermont to try and make syrup, but Virginia didn't have the right combination of warmer days and freezing nights to produce the right flow. The trees survived but never produced any syrup.

Thomas Jefferson.jpg


Did you know that 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is much more versatile than just breakfast? 

How about a Maple Dijon Dressing?


Combine 6 parts canola oil, 2 parts apple cider or balsamic vinegar, 2 parts 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup from Green Mountain Maple, 1 part Dijon mustard and freshly ground pepper to taste. Whisk it all together and enjoy Maple Dijon salad dressing.

Maple Dijon Dressing.jpg


Our 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup contains:

  • Manganese for healthy bones, to help absorb calcium & regulation of blood sugar;

  • Zinc to boost our immune system & help with healthy digestion;

  • Calcium to build stronger teeth & bones, assist with blood clotting & healthy heart;

  • Potassium to prevent high blood pressure, stroke & help relieve anxiety & stress;

  • Iron to act as a carrier of oxygen from one cell to another;

  • Magnesium for bone strength & to control blood pressure & heart rhythm;

Source: Organic facts



Maple Syrup is the first agricultural crop of the calendar year.



The Abenakis drank the sap of the maple tree and were the first to boil it to make sugar. The Sugar Moon is the first full moon during sugaring season.


The Abenakis gathered the sap in clay or bark containers and poured into hollowed out logs and then dropped rocks heated in a fire into the sap to make syrup.

Abenaki Tribe.jpg


Daniel Boone was a sugarmaker, too.

Daniel Boone.jpg
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